Recent testing has led to our formaldehyde sensors being renamed and the purposes of them re-evaluated.
When the product range was created we assumed that the performance benefits from the increased catalyst content of the premium version of our breath alcohol sensors would carry over to formaldehyde detection, however recent data have shown that this is not the case.
The remaining primary difference is predicted to be that the premium version will have a higher upper detection limit. Our calibration system generates accurate formaldehyde concentrations up to 1ppm which is well within the capabilities of both versions; as such we cannot evaluate the actual upper limits at this time.
Due to this new information we have renamed the “economy” sensor to be the standard version, and retained the “premium” version as a high catalyst content alternative for customers who have found that it suits their application better.
For general formaldehyde monitoring the standard version should be suitable for all customers, and the alternative version trialled only where the regular version proves insufficient.