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Building on 40 years experience with alcohol fuel cell sensors

General Information


Dart Sensors is dedicated to continually improving quality and exceeding customer expectations. We are currently registered with NQA, and our quality system is compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The scope of our registration is:

The design and manufacture of chemical sensors. The manufacture of reference standards. The supply of chemical sensors, catalysts, fuel cells, reference standards and associated components.

Our certificate of registration can be found here.

Conflict Minerals

Dart Sensors Ltd supports the ending of human rights violations in the mining of minerals from the area known as the “Conflict Region” in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries.

As such we require our suppliers to be “DRC conflict-free” and have undertaken due diligence to ensure that 3TG used in our products are sourced appropriately.

Environmental Policy

Dart Sensors Ltd accepts responsibility for the effects our operations have on both the local and global environment and is committed to reducing them.

In order to do this we will:

  • Prevent as much pollution as we can, and continually improve the methods by which this is achieved.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Set objectives for our environmental performance and review them regularly.
  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  • Encourage the adoption of similar principles by our suppliers.

Transport of Products

We recommend that our products (whether installed in an instrument or not) are shipped in a sealed container to prevent the electrolyte drying out during transit.

Credit account

Please us the contact form to request a credit account.


If you require samples of our products, please use the contact form, stating the following information:

  • Name of your company
  • Delivery address
  • Products and quantities required

We provide up to 2 sensors/wafers free of charge once only.

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