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Building on 40 years experience with alcohol fuel cell sensors

DG6001 dissolved gas sensor for insulating oil

The ProGuard Sensor for dissolved gas, based on fuel cell technology, subject of numerous patented technologies combined with years of field experience, is specialized in the detection and monitoring of hydrogen dissolved in transformer oil, and ensures the safe operation of the transformer, shunt reactor, bushing, etc.

Key Features

  • Gas separation and detection integrated
  • Withstands vacuum
  • Can be mounted directly on transformer valve
  • Resists poisoning and electrolyte leakage
  • Internal environment free from external influence
  • Purpose-designed for hydrogen detection in harsh environment
  • Non-consumable and maintenance free
  • High stability, fast response, wide detection range
  • Long service life

Typical Applications

  • Energy
  • Electric Power
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining

Price $1499

Shipped from Dart Sensors Shenzhen.

Operating Manual

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