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Fuel Cell Wafers

Fuel cell wafers are the internal components of our sensors – these are available for manufacture into a housing of your design. This may be preferable if your instrument requires a certain shape or size for which our standard products are not suitable. We can make any square or rectangular size from 8mm x 8mm to 45mm x 45mm, and have a range of circular sizes available off the shelf.

There is an MOQ of 1,000 for non-development purposes.

Please ensure that purchased wafers are kept at 3-10 C (fridge environment) and 30-90% RH. Wafers should be assembled into sensors without undue delay, i.e. several weeks – for longer term storage they should be kept in sealed containers in a fridge.

If you are an existing customer please email our sales department for current pricing or to place an order.

Please note that wafers are supplied for customer assembly into their own housings for use in their own products only. No licence is given to resell sensors containing our wafers and any attempt to do so may result in termination of supply.

Wafers are not supplied to the general public; potential customers may need to show that they represent an organisation with the intention of assembling the wafers into a suitable housing.

Dart Sensors also offer to assemble our wafer components into your own housings being manufactured within the scope of our ISO accreditations.

Please contact us for more information.

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