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Building on 40 years experience with alcohol fuel cell sensors

Alcohol Sensors

Incorporating our world class sensor wafer technology, these alcohol sensors are cost effective options to integrate into your equipment and save on development costs. The sensors are used worldwide in applications ranging from hobbyist DIY kits through to law enforcement.

The sensors have a typical return to baseline of less than 10 seconds, depending on electrolyte type. Please refer to the datasheet for full details.

All sensors are individually marked with serial number. This can be incorporated into a barcode, along with your part number or other data as required. Test data is available for 11mm and 16mm sensors on request, but please note that the data would not be usable for calibration as this depends on the full sampling system and software used to interpret the result.


11mm sensor is intended for consumer grade units.
16mm sensor for professional or interlock usage.
32mm sensor is a drop in replacement for existing units using a valve that mates with the entire face of the sensor. It is not recommended for new designs.

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