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Formaldehyde Sensors

Capable of reading as low as 30ppb, with only transient sensitivity to humidity and long service life, our formaldehyde sensors are well known internationally for their performance and value.

Previously listed in “economy” and “premium” versions, recent testing has proved that the “premium” version has no significant advantages in the standard detection range (0-1ppm). The “economy” sensor is now offered as the standard choice, with the premium version retained for customers who have chosen it in the past and found it to suit their purposes better. The premium sensor has been renamed as a “high catalyst” version.

Also available is a precalibrated formaldehyde sensor module assembled under licence using our wafer components in China.

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  • WZ-S Formaldehyde module

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  • Formaldehyde sensor, 11mm

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  • Formaldehyde sensor kit

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  • Formaldehyde sensor kit, high catalyst content

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  • Formaldehyde sensor, 11mm, high catalyst content

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