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Dry Alcohol Standards (DAS)


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Do not order through the website. To order, please email with the required µg/100ml air or BAC values. Minimum order quantity is 10.

Dry alcohol standards (DAS) are used for calibrating or checking the accuracy of breath alcohol testing instruments. They are made to order to any required value.

They have a shelf life of at least 1 year when stored in a cool, dry place. DAS are non-flammable.

DAS are made up of molecular sieve impregnated with ethanol. The charge is housed in an airtight screwtop container which is labelled with the batch number, expiration date and resulting alcohol concentration when mixed with 500 millilitres of water. A tamper-proof security seal is fitted to the lid.

Use deionised water for best results; discard solution after two weeks or 10 uses.

DAS are made to a tolerance of +/- 2%, but the ultimate accuracy is in the hands of the end user and that of the method employed for the measurement of the water added.

Also available is our liquid standards, certified or uncertified.

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