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Interface circuit board


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These circuit boards are intended to assist your development program, providing you with a convenient amplified output from our sensors. They provide output of up to 3.75V with a 9V supply (not included). The sensor and power connections receive Molex crimp housing 50-37-5023 – a 9V battery connector with this housing is supplied with the board, and we will include a suitable quantity of connector leads with housings if sensors are ordered at the same time as the board.

We also sell the coaxial BNC cables here.


Our formaldehyde interface circuit boards (3-CBF) have been altered from the specification as listed on the datasheet.

The two product types have been merged as there is no longer a difference between them, and the variable gain resistor has been replaced by a fixed 1M gain instead.

This is to allow our customers to use a board with multiple calibrated sensors.

The sensitivity of the sensors will be provided in nA/ppm, this can then be converted to a ppm output by factoring in the 1M gain.




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Type 3/3A alcohol sensors, Type 4/4A alcohol sensors, Type 5 alcohol sensors, Formaldehyde sensors

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