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WZ-S Formaldehyde module


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A formaldehyde sensor using Dart Sensors wafer components is now available as a pre-calibrated module, outputting a ppm formaldehyde value, thus obviating the need for customer calibration.

  • The only precalibrated formaldehyde module recommended by Dart Sensors
  • Assembled under licence in China by Shenzhen Prosense Technologies using Dart Sensors electrode parts
  • Calibration confirmed by a colorimetric assay.
  • Suitable for smart home, portable devices, wearable devices, air conditioners, air cleaners etc.
  • Range 0.03 to 2 ppm formaldehyde
  • High precision, fast response, long service life, low power consumption, high stability
  • Not recommended for industrial safety/personal monitoring.

Small quantities (less than 50) can be ordered from our website and will be shipped from our UK office.

  • Please note that the calibration on these modules is not guaranteed by Dart Sensors and technical enquiries may be forwarded to the manufacturer in China.
  • This product is also currently manufactured outside of the scope of our ISO 9001 registration.


Larger quantities and volume discounts are available directly from our office in Shenzhen, China. Please contact Prices begin at USD 13.95.


For enquiries from within China, contact:

Prosense Technologies, Room 206, Building 4, Lianjian Science & Technology Park, Huarong Road, Dalang, Longhua district, Shenzhen.

Tel: +86 755 3669 0079


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