16mm Breath Alcohol Sensor


The 16mm breath alcohol sensors are of the two-electrode electrochemical type, requiring a pumped sample of air to be delivered into either tube. In the presence of ethanol vapour a small direct current is produced; the breath alcohol sensor requires no power supply of its own but this current requires amplification to make it readable using external data collection equipment

Please note, the design has been updated since May 2021. For further details, please email sales@dart-sensors.com

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This breath alcohol sensor is intended for professional applications or removable interlock devices (type 3 only).

  • Type 5 is for replacements in legacy applications only.
  • Type 4A is the standard formulation for normal humidity and temperature.
  • Type 3A is suitable for use where resistance to extreme climatic conditions is required.

The sensor is available with pins or bare wires for soldered applications.
NOTE: The connection pins are intended to be solderless. A matching socket part number is available, or spring clips can be used

Each sensor is laser marked with serial number. Test data available on request.

For a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, please see our CENELEC Interlock Sensor.

Additional information

Weight .0032 kg

Wires, Pins


3A, 4A, 5

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