Transdermal Alcohol Sensor


Transdermal Alcohol Sensors represent a significant advancement in monitoring alcohol consumption.

This transdermal sensor is designed for continuous monitoring of blood alcohol levels through passive sampling in discreet next-to-skin designs.

  • Well-suited to default-zero applications such as ‘sobriety tag’ compliance monitoring.
  • Also applicable in R&D projects seeking to investigate and codify the relationship between BAC level and alcohol detectable via the cellular interstitial fluid.

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These innovative devices measure the alcohol content excreted through the skin, providing continuous and objective data on a person's alcohol levels.

Such technology offers a non-invasive, continuous method for alcohol monitoring, which could be particularly useful in medical, legal, and personal health contexts.

Despite their potential, the accuracy of these sensors can vary, and they are not yet a replacement for traditional blood, breath, or urine alcohol tests. However, as technology advances, these sensors could become an integral tool for individuals and professionals in managing and understanding alcohol consumption.

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