Sampling Pump, 0.35-0.4ML, Parts kit


This item is an unassembled sampling pump, 0.35-4mL. This part has been created to for customers to assemble the parts directly into their own instruments.

All parts are 100% inspected before being sent out.

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  • Sample volume in the range 0.35 to 0.40 cm3.
  • Operates from 3V minimum supply.
  • Requires a power boost circuit (diagram available in the datasheet)
  • Operation can be configured to sample tick-tock, or hold on for predetermined period.

This item is manufactured by our own trained and audited staff at Dart Sensors Shenzhen, China. Please note that this product is not currently manufactured within the scope of our ISO accreditation.

Please email Dart Sensors Shenzhen to obtain free samples for evaluation.

The most cost effective way to order this product is direct from our office in China. Please email Dart Sensors Shenzhen to request a proforma invoice.

Orders of pumps placed on this website will be fulfilled from our UK factory (with items assembled in China), with an added handling surcharge.

Driver circuit boards are available from our Shenzhen office, or the pump may be powered directly from a power supply of appropriate voltage provided that the duty cycle limitations are observed. If driving directly from 18V one must ensure that the coil is not run for more than 200ms at a time, with a 10s rest afterwards. Failure to do so will result in burning out the coil.

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